How the World Ran Out of Everything Book CoverAfter four years of showcasing how global news impacts your daily life, The Doorstep podcast will be ending in June. And for its final podcast, book talk, and live event, co-hosts Tatiana Serafin and Nikolas Gvosdev will be joined by New York Times reporter Peter Goodman to discuss his new book How the World Ran Out of Everything and how geopolitics is connected to the goods that literally end up on our doorstep.  
From factories in Asia to farms in California and truck drivers in the Great Plains, this talk will delve into the fascinating innerworkings of America’s supply chain and why it’s in a constant state of dangerous vulnerability. How can paying more attention to how we get the things that we need protect the fate of our global fortunes? Join us virtually on June 12 at 6pm ET for an informative discussion about how our supply chain operates and why its reform is crucial.

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peter goodman headshot

Peter S. Goodman

Global Economic Correspondent, The New York Times

gsovdev headshot

Nikolas Gvosdev

Senior Fellow, Carnegie Council

serafin headshot

Tatiana Serafin

Senior Fellow, Carnegie Council