Date: March 27

Time: 8:30am ET

Today, there is no denying the existence of persistent power imbalances between the Global South and Global North. However, it is possible to reflect on historical injustices and systemic challenges while simultaneously seeking to enhance cooperation on shared issues, many of which pose existential risks to humanity.

We invite you to join us for the inaugural panel of Carnegie Council’s “Unlocking Cooperation” series. Together with leading experts, moderator Ramu Damodaran, senior advisor to the UN University for Peace, will discuss pressing questions, including:

  • How can Global South and Global North nations collaborate more effectively?
  • What roadblocks hinder joint action on crucial issues such as security, development, climate, and AI?
  • How can ethical reflection and engagement pave the way for a more inclusive and equitable multilateralism?

Register for this vital conversation on forging a path forward in an interconnected world where cooperation is not just aspirational, but essential.

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arthur holland michel headshot

Arthur Holland Michel

Senior Fellow, Carnegie Council

chris gilliard headshot

Chris Gilliard

Visiting Research Fellow, Harvard Kennedy School Shorenstein Center

dahlia peterson headshot

Dahlia Peterson

Research Analyst, Center for Security and Emerging Technology